Monday, March 10, 2014

Termites can go suck it.

Pretty soon after we moved into our house back in 2011, we discovered a termite issue. The whole house is just wood. Wood on wood on more wood. And apparently, the way the foundation in the garage butts up against the wall in the dining room somehow created a very hospitable environment for the buggars. They moved in, and tore some shit UP.

We knew this. We were aware there might be issues in the future, even though we eradicated the issue as soon as we discovered them. 

And that future is HERE, muthafuckas. DAMMIT.

There are two support beams that cross each other in the basement. For some reason, Leo was feeling one of them when the demo was completed, and found some damage on it. So when the framers came in, they checked it out even further, and found that just about the entire beam had been chewed up. The termites had started at the top, and then burrowed in to the center of the beam, and chewed it up from inside for quite a distance.

Sad support beam!
Thankful that we discovered the issue, but I still have no idea how much that little detour cost us. Can't wait to find out! ::gag::
They had to build a temporary support wall while they fixed up the beam issue. Just terrifying to think about what we've had stacked on top of that rotten beam all this time!
I hate to think about the scary business. So instead, I'm focusing on the fun changes that are happening. YAY!

Building in some new architectural details begins with the framing. I showed our contractor this photo when we were discussing the project, prior to his design being pulled together:

I didn't know if there was any way to do something similar, but said it would be neat if we could work it into the design somehow. After the initial budget came back with a CRAZY high number, we talked about ways we could cut it down, and the curved doorway was one of the changes that was suggested. It's cheaper to just have a square doorway, so that's the way we went instead.

We've got a little hallway where the office and workout room entrances are, so that's where the detail will go...

I'm pretty excited about it! Plus, maybe it's helping to hold the rest of the house up. :/

Stupid termites.

This week is a less than exciting one around here again. HVAC is here today. Electrical and stuff will probably be happening, too. So it might be quiet on the blog front for a little bit. We'll see. Other stuff IS going on in my life, so I suppose I could talk about that...

But right now? It's treadmill time. Yaaaayyyyy...

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Debra Owen said...

It was wise to think about the changes that will happen rather than how big the cost and the mess renovating and termite-killing will be. It's always better to look at the bright side, Faith. I hope the renovation went well for you!

Debra Owen @