Tuesday, March 04, 2014

This week: framing. Yaaaayyy...

It's going to be a pretty boring week around here, I think. When it comes to updates on the basement remodel, anyway. The framing guys are here, putting up walls and that sort of junk. They couldn't come yesterday...for some reason. So they're here today putting up walls where there were none before, and closing in spaces that were formerly open. I'll have pics to put up tomorrow, but as of right now, they're still banging around down there.

Earlier, they shut off my cable. I don't really know why. Something about it being in the way of where a wall needed to go. I was all, "Ok, but...I was working. And my internet is through my cable." The lead guy seemed to think this was pretty funny. I don't know if he's one of those people who make awkward jokes when they get embarrassed, or what. But it was a little off-putting. He was all, "Sorry I interrupted cartoon hour!" Maybe he's more used to working in houses where chicks are home during the day with their kiddos? I dunno. But I was watching HGTV when he shut down the cable. Not that it even mattered...it was that I had 4 different windows open in Chrome, and when the cable went off, he was damned lucky I wasn't in the middle of something super-important. (I was just researching some shit at the time. Internet history took me back where I needed to go easily enough when I got back online.)

I have the TV on as background noise. I'm not up here sucking down bon bons and watching daytime TV on my ass, ok? Sheit.

It wasn't a big deal...I took that opportunity to head to the grocery store to gather supplies for Mardi Gras dinner. (Which will be an ecclectic mix of risotto and kalbi ribs...yum!) And when I got home, I was on the phone at the time, and walked in to find my TV blasting. Um, WTF? I heard the dude yelling up the stairs at me, but I ignored him because of that whole on the phone thing. And then I walked over to find the remote to turn the TV back off. Head framer dude came bounding up the stairs repeating his joke about the "cartoons being on again", and I turned to show him that I was on the phone, actually, and I said, "I thought I had turned the TV off before I left." He said he'd turned it on, which was fine I guess...it was nice of him to make sure that he'd gotten the cable back up and running.

But goddammit, man!

Tomorrow, I think I'll head out to Starbucks to work. :/

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