Friday, March 14, 2014

Why do I take this shit so seriously?

These decisions shouldn't be so hard, people. But I take them very seriously, for some reason. 

Maybe it's because the lights we chose for our bathroom remodel wound up being kind of disappointing. I don't know.

Anyway, I've been looking for lights for the new basement space for the last few weeks. I've decided several times on different options in that time. I wish I could put up around 7 lights, and have them all go together with the design in the space, and with each other, and to magically cost our budgeted amount.

Since we don't live in Crazy Land, though, I had to decide on 1 pendant light for the bar area, 1 light for over the game table, 1 light for over the couch in the TV area, and 2 sconces for the fireplace wall. 

I ordered them today. THERE WILL BE NO TURNING BACK! 

Unless, of course, I change my mind when they get here, and I send them back. Eh-em. 

Here are the lights I picked...
This will go over the game table...I love the circles. This will look great with the wainscoting we selected.
This is the pendant for the bar area. Matches the game table light, since they'll be in the same part of the basement as each other.
These are the sconces I chose for the fireplace wall. It's going to look so pretty!
This one...I'm still not sure about. I love it to pieces. But the color in the picture is's just supposed to be a frosted glass shade, but it looks flesh toned, or almost pinkish in the picture. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. It will be over the couch in the TV area. Crossing fingers that it works!
Picking out details like this helps this early part of the process be less boring, I think. They finished the framing this week, and the electricians are here today and likely early next week running all the lines and setting up the cans for the recessed lights, and apparently we'll get drywall started next week...that should be a bit more fun. But right now, it's just dirty and messy and I CAN'T WAIT TO SIT IN MY NEW BASEMENT AAUUUGGGHHHH! SO EXCITED!

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