Monday, April 07, 2014

Basement Remodel - Picking Some Details

We're at the stage in the basement remodel where we need to figure out some of the finish details. We figured out the flooring, and hopefully, that choice will stick at this point. We've got the cabinets underway, finally, which is comforting. We really should've gotten those started a couple weeks ago, so hopefully they'll be built swiftly and sturdily!

Things that don't seem like a big deal but kind of really are important are the hardest elements to decide on. Like the paint, and the tile, and the lighting. Yeah, we can always paint again if we don't like the color. And yeah, lights can be returned if they don't work for whatever reason. Even tile isn't permanent, for cryin' out loud. But don't be fooled...choosing paint can be stressful. Picking out tile can be fun at first, but then it just can get crazy with all the possibilities. 

And don't even get me started on lighting. I'm kind of obsessed with 3 things in the decorating world: clocks, mirrors, and lamps/lighting. If I could buy a new lamp every damned day, I would. No kidding.

Anyway, it's little things like that that make these details tough to decide on. 

We've been looking at tile here and there, but hadn't made any real decisions. Leo told me that we had some leftover tile from the bathroom project that was out in the garage, and when he started to bring it in, we realized just how much we had left over. I mean, LOTS. So we figure it only makes sense to use that leftover tile down in the's the practical and thrifty thing to do, dammit! Plus, it's good tile. We'll have to order a little bit to cover the whole space, but we're gonna save a bundle this way. YAY! 

This is a random pattern I pulled together yesterday with some of the tiles, just as an idea of what we could do:
I don't know if we'll stick to anything like that...we might just use the light gray, and then choose a fun glass mosaic tile to put somewhere as an accent. We'll see. But it's a nice start! And I'm super-excited about saving a little cash there. :D

We also went out this past weekend and got a few (um, like 7...) paint samples to slap up on the walls down there. We have a couple of different areas, so we'll be doing a couple of different colors in them. And of course, I like around 5 of the samples we picked, so I'm wondering how we can slap them all up without (a) infuriating our painter and (b) looking like we have a split paint personality issue, or something.

This is what they look like in the area closest to the window:
And this is what they look like over in the TV area, which has less access to natural light:
I just noticed that they don't look all that different in those pictures, based on their location in the room. But in person, they do. The one on the far right in both photos is the one we chose...for now. It's called "gale force", and it's a Sherwin Williams color. It's a dark blue that looks really great in the TV area, so that's where it will go. Here are a couple of shots of it on other walls in the TV area...

I think you can kind of see the difference in the paint, depending on the lighting, in that last photo there.

The other spaces will all be a color called "pencil point", which is a Behr color from Home Depot. It's not the darkest gray we picked out, and it's not the lightest gray we picked's in between. It's pretty dark, but it will look great with the wallpaper going up on one wall, and with the tile choices. In the photo below, it's the color in the top row, in the middle:
It will be the color we repaint the office, too.

Since everything else will be painted white (white cabinets, white shelves, white moldings, white mantle), we're looking at the paint as being a good balance in the space.

New windows tomorrow, and maybe we can start the paint in the next week or so. We'll see!

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