Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Basement Project Update - Almost Done!

Ok, not 100% almost done...but we're getting there. :)

The cabinets were installed today!
Our bar area...lookit all that wine storage! We don't have that much wine! Sooo...please send us wine!
The base unit for the TV area is...partially installed. I dunno what's happening there. The guys left at about 2 p.m. So maybe they're coming back tomorrow to finish putting the doors on...? Who knows. My contractor will be here tomorrow to meet with the tile guy, so he can deal with it. That's what they're for! :D
 Our mantle is perfect. Exactly what I wanted:
Super-simple, clean'll look great painted!
The workout room was our last bastion of storage/usage in the basement during this whole process, and that flooded when a stupid pipe burst a couple weeks ago. Drying out the carpet in there was a lost cause. So we tore that out and have to put in new carpet now. ::sigh:: This is what the room looks like right now:
All those boxes with the green on them there? That's our new floor. It gets installed next week.

And then...THEN...then we will be on our way to completion.

We are soooo ready for completion.

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