Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Basement Remodel Update...NOW we're getting somewhere!

The basement project is...getting done. 

That's about the best way I can put it right now! We're accustomed to construction projects going longer than expected. We're not a show on HGTV, and we don't live in LaLa Land, and we're not complete idiots, so we always plan for (a) extra time being spent on a project, and (b) extra money being spent on a project.

This is the reality of the remodel world, about 90% of the time. 

Yeeeaaaars ago I had a bathroom remodeled in our last house about a year after I moved in. Ripped the whole thing out, because everything from the walls to the subfloor needed to be replaced. I met with the contractor, settled on a price, agreed to a week long schedule (it was a really small bathroom!), and Bob's your uncle! Done. 

That was a magical time. ::reflects fondly on the tiny bathroom remodel::

Anyway, this is our third large remodel we've been through. We're prepared for delays. Comparably, there's a small amount of inconvenience involved in this particular project, since we have two living areas in this house. So we've been pretty easy going about the fact that the project began back in February, and still isn't completed at the end of May. 

The painting process was a looong one. It's a large space. And we chose to paint out all of the cabinets, with the hopes that we could maybe use a less expensive wood for them than we would had we chosen to stain them. But also, I decided that a painted cabinet would be better for our space, anyway. That process is not a quick one. 

Now, had there been more than one or two people doing that work, it might've gone faster. But there wasn't. And so 2 weeks went by, and nothing much was changing. All the cabinets were getting painted, but it just seemed slow, is all. Nothing against the ONE GUY that was doing a majority of the work...he was doing so much all on his own! But guy. ONE. 

The owner of the contractor company we're using dropped by for a visit on Monday last week and apologized for the extended time the project was taking. I told him not to worry about it, and that we expected it to a certain degree, blahblahblah. We really like this company, and again, the inconvenience isn't too overwhelming, so we're reasonable about it. 

But then on Tuesday, the painter guy that had been working on a majority of the paint down there told me that because of the dark paint we chose, he was going to have to prime the walls, and they hadn't counted on doing that, to which I responded with my head exploding.

I told him that I didn't mean to sound bitchy, and I completely respect all the hard work he's doing, but was he KIDDING ME with that? Because the walls were basically white/light colored walls. And they had KNOWN that we had chosen a dark paint color for over 2 weeks. The samples were all over the goddammed place in the room he was working in! He saw it! HE KNEW IT WAS DARK. Of course we were going to need to prime before starting with the main color!!! AUGH!!!!

Then he said that the following day was going to be his final day on the job, and that was the day Leo and I were leaving town very early in the morning to go to his home town for a wedding so we weren't even going to be able to see the color up on the wall to make sure it was going to be ok, and then my head exploded again.

Fortunately, he told me all that right before I headed to a therapy appointment. And also, I called my main contractor on the way to that therapy appointment to vent and tell him what the painter guy had told me, and I said that this is the kind of job where MULTIPLE painter people should be working to get it completed, and yet there was ONE WHOLE DUDE a majority of the time and that just wasn't fair to us or the dude, and why did they not realize they were going to need to prime the walls before painting them?, and also that apparently no more painting would be done again until this week and by then, the floors would be down and that kind of sucked because protecting the floors would make it take longer, and how about if we hired more people to come in and get this damned paint job done in less than 100 years???

He understood. He's a good dude. I thanked him for letting me vent, and he said that I was always allowed to call him to yell whenever necessary, and then he apparently cracked a whip, and got the paint done, the floors done, the countertop in the bar installed, and the wallpaper put up in the following 3 days.

And THAT is what gets done when you yell at people, folks. Just saying. Acting crazy pays off now and then.

So here we are with completely updated pictures for you! The lighting isn't completed yet, so the pictures are a bit glare-ish and the colors aren't as true as they could be, but it's looking more finished than it has for a while. The floors are great. The wallpaper looks amazing. And I can't wait for the tile to get installed (that's happening this week), and for the wainscoting to get it's final piece added. But in the mean time, here we are!
The floors! Are beautiful!!! They're a high-grade laminate.
This is what that area looks like with the paint and the wallpaper and the floors all put together. YAY!
Our fireplace is turning out to look absolutely perfectly. Now if the sconces I ordered would just arrive...
That corner back there to the right of the fireplace is where the dart board will go. It's pretty perfect for that application.
The sunlight that comes in those windows at about 9 a.m. is very bright. I cannot WAIT til I get to live/work back down in that space again!
This is the hallway that the shuffleboard table will be will go along that wallpapered wall on the left. The bar is at the far end...
The countertop was installed in the bar last week! SO PRETTY. Tile is going up today and tomorrow, so I'll have pics of that early next week when it's all grouted and stuff.
This lighting kind of sucks for showing the paint in the TV area, but there it is. Dark blue from Sherwin Williams called "Gale Force". It's exactly what we wanted. Once the lighting is all installed and stuff, it will show much better.
The office is painted the same color as the game area/fireplace area in the other room. This room used to be RED, so this is quite a dramatic change, and it looks so awesome!
This is just the other side of the office, with the doorway that looks out into the main part of the basement. The paint job is perfect.
So today, the tile guys are working down there, getting all set up and started on the bar area and the fireplace area. Hopefully it'll be a quick and easy job for them. I'll be sure to update with pics of that early next week.

SO EXCITED! The end is in sight, my friends. WOO!


Anonymous said...

It looks AMAZING!!!!!

Maxwell Frey said...

Wow, that looks incredible! The color, gloss and patterns in the wood are flawless. Good choice and excellent execution, I've got to say. Even your color choice is spot on! I've been considering redoing my floors and came across this, and you just convinced me to go through with it.