Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Basement Update - almost to the finish line!

The basement is...ALMOST FINISHED! 

Still not 100% yet, but we're at the finishing stages now. We hung the TV today and we're going to start moving some pieces of furniture today. So the next pictures I put up will be of the space in it's completed form. We're still missing a few cabinet doors (they got warped when they went through the sander, so they had to be re-done), and have to finish the workout room, but we can start living in there again as early as the first part of next week! ::cue the choir of angels::

Here are the finished areas:
The bar! There's sparkling wine all up in that fridge already...we're moving glasses down in there today.
This hallway is getting a shuffleboard table put in it today...WOO!
I took this picture last week, so it looks a bit different than it does now, but that there, my friends? Is a Secret Bookcase Door. THAT IS RIGHT. 
Here's what the fireplace looks like now that the wainscot is in, and the lighting is installed (albeit temporary lighting as far as sconces go...), and with the bookcase door opened.
This is how much space the fucking television takes up when it's lying on the floor waiting to be installed. Oh, and that's more of the special wainscoting we had installed.
Here's the game room area. Temporary sconces over the fireplace aside, I think it looks FAB.YOU.LUSS,
So that's how we head into the weekend. Ready to move stuff back down the stairs. I can't WAIT to just hang out down there, guys. I can not WAIT!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Basement update - Tile is all done, and it looks *so good*

The tile was installed last week, y'all! I don't know why, but getting to this stage in the project makes me feel like I can start planning on when we'll be able to move back in, now. Like, getting the office all back into place, and moving the computer back down there, and I wanna clean the floors, and not have any more construction people in our house for a while...

Ah, daring to dream!

I'd expect the finishes will take another couple of weeks, really. But we should be at the point of being able to move furniture back in and stuff pretty soon. We'll see. ::sigh::

So here are the latest pictures as of this week. Tile is in! Now we're painting the wainscot finish and will hopefully have that installed on Friday. The bookcase is being installed today, along with all the cabinet hardware. I can't wait to see that all put in! And my bookcase? SO EXCITED. I'll post those pics tomorrow, probably.
Here's our fireplace, looking more and more finished by the day...
We used the same tile around the fireplace that we used in our master bath shower floor. We had an extra box of it, so we wanted to put it to use. It looks awesome. Everyone is very impressed with how it turned out.
The countertop for the extra seating area went in yesterday. We still need to stain and polyurethane it up, and get some real support brackets instead of the wood ones, but it's cool to see it in place. 
Here's the view of the TV area from the bar seating thing.
The bar is all tiled up, and the upper shelving was hung yesterday. The sink was installed, and the faucet was installed, and the dishwasher was installed...basically, it's almost ready for me to move all my shit in there, finally. WOO!
I'm really happy with how things are turning out. This basement is going to be show-house worthy, me thinks! SO PRETTY!!! (If I do say so myself...;))