Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome To Our New Basement!

Clearly, it's been a while since I posted any pictures of the basement progress. Lots of reasons behind wasn't decorated completely, we were traveling a lot, I have lots of insecurity when it comes to using my new camera (new being a relative term, as I bought it last September, and all...), etc...

But here I am, finally in the mood to take photos, edit them, and put them into little collages of "before" and "after" shots, so as to more accurately describe why it took 4 months to complete this project, construction-wise. 

Art has been hung...pillows have been placed...all the games have FINALLY arrived. And so here we go! I don't know how best to caption these, so I think I'll describe them at the top of the photos, and then you can scroll down to see what I mean. (You can also click on the photos to make them a bit bigger...)

This was what you saw as you originally entered our was The Bar Area, and we had a game table there, along with some sorta useful closets. As you can see in the photos of the construction, we tore out the bar, built a half wall, and tore out the closets in that space. We converted it to our TV area instead, moved our couch over there, and built a seating area at the half wall for additional seating aside from the couch, giving us an area to eat, hang out, use as a nerf gun shooting gallery...
This was the old TV/couch area. Over by the windows. We converted that space into a "game room" area, with the fireplace. We had a small amount of confidence that the bump-out behind the couch there in the top photos had a fireplace hiding in it. We knew we had 3 flues, and only 2 fireplaces upstairs, so it was just our logical conclusion. We were wrong. But, hey, we WERE right about the flue thing! So we just had to knock out some cinder blocks, install a fireplace, hook up the vent, etc, etc... ::sigh:: Anyway, this area wound up being much more labor intensive than we expected.
Quickly, let's look at the changes made to the office...I don't want to shuffle pictures around in this post because I'm feeling lazy, so this is a little break from the other rooms. We didn't do much in the office. Painted the walls, and finished the ceiling, and put in new lighting. It wasn't offensive at all before, but I DO like it better now that it's a darker color, and has better lights. WAY better lights. Fluorescent lights are of the devil, dammit. That said, our desk areas are a mess. So ignore that, and just look at how much nicer it is all around the mess, mkay?
This last area was another huge part of construction. Our utility room was large, and while it was handy for storage, it was usually just in a perpetual state of messiness. We took out the tank water heater, put in a tankless one, and then closed in a much smaller utility room that has our ginormous furnace, our crazy electrical panels, and some other bits and bobs that aren't important or interesting. The new space became the hallway that fits our shuffleboard table perfectly, and where our new bar area is located.
Here are some detail photos that help you see some of my favorite design elements...look to the captions for more info.
This wall came together perfectly. The sunset photo on the left is one I took during our last trip to Hawaii. Got it blown up, printed, and framed through I fuckin' LOVE that website!
I finally have my secret bookcase door! FINALLY! It is so cute, y'all. 
This is the view into the office when the bookcase is full open. 
The fireplace area is so, so, sooo pretty! I can't wait until we get colder weather, and I can flip that baby on, and sit there to read a good book/do some needlepoint. Knocking into that wall was well worth the effort!
More seating for having lots of friends over to watch football games? YES PLEASE! The mismatched stools are um... eclectic. Yeah, we totally mean for them to look stupid like that together, and shit. :/ (They are hateful, but they serve their purpose. In the future, when we haven't just spent an arm, a leg, and half a torso on a basement remodel, we'll get ones that all match each other, I swear!)
Our TV wall went through a few different design changes. This one that we wound up with is parfait!
We need to mount that speaker on the wall under the TV, but for now, it sits on a decorative box and does the job. It doesn't take away from the cool-ass panels that are on the wall behind the TV and shelves, and that's all that matters. That was our architect's/lead contractor's design idea. It is fabulous.
Lastly, we have the workout room. We changed the lighting in there, but didn't finish the ceiling because it's under our master bath, and it's just too damned convenient to have access to all that plumbing. We don't want to close that off for any reason. It wasn't worth the cost, either. It's just a workout room/storage room. I can't find any of my "before" photos of this space, but it was pretty much the same, except there was an unfinished wall, and the rest of the walls were painted yellow, which is my most unfavoritest color in the whole world. Paint-wise, anyway. So now it's gray, and the walls are all finished, and it has better lighting. And it's crammed full of my staging stuff for my business. OH! AND it has beautiful new carpeting. It's the only room that got carpet when we redid everything. Softer for yoga, and stuff.

And there ya have it! The completed basement. I love, love, LOVE it. Living in this space is so delightful, and the contractors were so awesome (as usual!), and I am so glad it's all done. Let me know what you think! And if you want better pictures of anything, let me know that, too. I'll be happy to update with more details. Happy Friday, all! Have a great weekend...


Average Jane said...

Fabulous! It looks wonderful!

Faith said...

Thanks! I'm so glad to have it finished and able to be lived in! :D

Joe Calton said...


That is the most awesome thing EVER!

The rest of the basement is incredible!

You don't even need the rest of the house!

Spyder said...

Wow! Amazing! That's a shit ton of space!!! Secret door FTW!!!

Well Hell Michelle said...

Wow, it's beautimous. All your hard work really paid off.

I'm in love with your finishes. Pretty sure my mind would melt from making so many decisions during a remodeling project. You're definitely a natural at this :D

Gregg Hogan said...

What a turnout! I can already picture your friends hanging out at the bar, watching sports or dramas. Hahaha! Also, I love the secret bookcase door. You did quite a fabulous job on that basement. Anyway, thanks for the tour, Faith. It was lovely stumbling upon your blog. Kudos and all the best to you!

Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions