Friday, April 24, 2015

Powder Bath - (almost) COMPLETE!

Holy. cow. 

I knew it had been a while since I posted anything, and I needed to post an update about the powder bath remodel, at the very least. But I, um, hadn't realized that it had been THAT long since I last posted! Oops! I kept wanting to post the finished photos of the bath, but even still, it's not quite complete. 

The door is back on! The plumbing all works! The electrical outlet is replaced! 

But the art we bought for the space doesn't work at all. And I still have to find hooks for towels and a proper hand towel bar to put up. So it's just not DONE-done.

That said, it's done enough. So here are the before and after shots of the tiny space. Looks so much better!

These are pretty self-explanatory, but I've captioned them all the same, just in case additional info would be helpful at all. Click on the photos to embiggen. (Which is a real word. I swear.)
This is how it looks from the entrance. Note the change in the window, in particular. No more stained glass insert! Just a clean window with a nice pull down shade from JC Penney.

The vanity....OH how I LOVE that new vanity! The marble top! The shiny mirror panels! The clean undermount sink basin!!! 

This is the old air register in the room. It's tiny. But they had wallpapered it, all the same! I bought a special new one online, and I like it much, much more.

I didn't get a good "before" shot of the vanity/toilet before we tore the old vanity apart, so this is the best I could do, comparison-wise. It looks so much more pretty!
Next up, I'll be posting pics of the deck we ripped off the house, and replaced with a screened-in porch. It's a lovely new space, but it's also a big part of why we're living on a tighter budget these days! YIKES. Time to take a lil' break from big remodels around these here parts...