Saturday, February 20, 2016

Outer space will never, EVER be mah thang.

We went and saw The Martian last night, finally. It was a belated Valentine's Day thing, where we went and grabbed some dinner, and then went to the movie and ate our weight in various candies. (The Martian is a relatively long movie. Gives you a lot of time to eat bunches of candy!)

What made it officially Valentine'sy for me was that Leo bought me Butterfinger Bites without me even asking for them when I sent him out to the lobby to get candy and alcohols.

What made it Valentine'sy for him is that he got the last Red Vine in the box when we got down to that point. Lucky bastid. I really must love him.

At a certain point in the movie, Starman by David Bowie is playing, made more poignant for those of us seeing the movie for the first time right now, since David Bowie has actually passed away. And it made me think about his strong connection to outer space, and how we all hope that his soul is truly at rest and peacefully experiencing outer space as it seemed he always wished he could while he was still with us on earth. (Those of us that believe in afterlife, anyway! ;))

And my immediate thought following that one was, "No. NOPE. If my afterlife involves anything outer spacey at. all., I will be really pissed.

But I sure hope David Bowie is experiencing it, dammit!"

The Martian was a great flick. Glad we got to see it in theaters, even this late in the game. (We intended to go see Hail Caesar!, but it was showing at times that didn't fit our shedyule for the evening, so that will just have to wait.) I loved just about everyone's performance in the movie, and the effects were fucking UHMAAYzing.

And I still have some Butterfinger Bites left over. Which is also kind of UHMAAYzing, in it's own right.

I'm still not ready to head back to Facebook yet, but I'm enjoying sharing my thoughts on stuff here on the good ol' blog for the time being. So I'll post links on FB for those that want to read along and see what I've been up to. And I DO get messages via FB messenger, I think, so you can still get in touch with me that way, too. If you wanna. :)

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